Ear Plugs & Protection

Custom-made earmolds are not just for behind-the-ear hearing aids. There are many applications for comfortable, personal earmolds in work-related and leisure settings. Do you have a friend, or neighbor who likes to attend car races or shoot firearms? Do you know teens or young adults who regularly attend live music concerts? They need custom-made ear protection! Musicians who play in an amplified band or large acoustic orchestra benefit from custom-made high fidelity attenuating earplugs.

There are also many circumstances when the intent is not to reduce sound levels, but rather to more efficiently direct high fidelity sound to the ear. Our audiologists have personally assisted many hundreds of airline pilots to obtain custom-made earmolds to be used in conjunction with their on-board communications equipment.

Other examples include on-camera television talent and security personnel who frequently employ custom-made ear monitors to discretely hear important communication. Custom-made molds can also be made for personal electronic equipment such as IPods, for a more comfortable earphone fit.

Additionally, we make custom-fit earmolds to be used for water protection. Children who have had P.E. tubes placed in the eardrums, or if a patient has a perforated eardrum, custom-fit earmolds offer greater protection and comfort over foam or wax over-the-counter ear protection.