Hearing Evaluations

If you have never had your hearing tested, you may feel a little apprehensive about the procedure. We want you to feel comfortable with your experience at Tri-City Audiology, so here is an idea of what to expect during your first hearing test:

At check in, the receptionist will ask you for your insurance card and ID. This helps us to properly bill your insurance. We ask for your ID to help ensure your safety against identity theft or insurance fraud. You will also be asked to fill out our intake forms. This includes the patient information sheet and a brief history of your hearing and health information. You may also download these forms and bring them with you for your convenience.

The audiologist will meet with you to go over the intake forms and discuss your hearing history. We want to get a clear idea of your concerns before we begin the evaluation. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions as well.

First we will use an otoscope to look inside your ear for a visual examination. We typically begin testing with Tympanometry. This is to examine the condition of the middle part of the ear—the eardrum and bones behind the eardrum. It is a quick procedure that does not require you to respond. Next we may conduct Otoacoustic Emissions testing (OAE). This is also a quick procedure that does not require you to respond. OAE testing helps determine inner ear health. We then move on to the pure tone testing which requires you to push a button when you hear a beep sound. You will be asked to repeat some words to help test your discrimination ability. Finally, you may be tested to determine your ability to understand speech in the presence of background noise.

When the evaluation is complete, your audiologist will review the results with you, answer any questions you may have, and discuss your best options for treatment, if needed.

Typically, the entire appointment takes about an hour. If you have questions before your appointment, please call one of our three offices and we will be glad to answer them for you.