Hearing Aid Repair

When you purchase your hearing aids at Tri-City Audiology, they come with several service plans to help care for and protect them. We will notify you when each service plan is expiring so you can choose to renew your coverage. It can be a bit confusing to keep track of which plan provides which kind of service, so here is a description of each plan with the cost for renewal.


With your original purchase, you receive one to three years of in-office care, depending on your initial purchase package. This includes cleaning and checking of your hearing aids, tubing and hook changes of BTE aids, a free annual hearing check. Renewal for one year is $110 (regular) and $85 (for senior discount.)


If your hearing aids need service or repair that we cannot complete in the office, we will send them back to the manufacturer for service. This is free of charge for a period of time after your initial purchase. Typically, the warranty period is one to three years, depending on the aids. The renewal cost will vary with the manufacturer, and usually runs around $100 to $150 per aid.


If your hearing aids are stolen, lost, or damaged beyond repair, they can be replaced with your L&D coverage. Most hearing aids come with this coverage for one to three years after the initial purchase. If you need to use this coverage, there may be a manufacturer “copay” to replace the aid, but it is a fraction of the cost of buying a new aid. The renewal cost varies by manufacturer and usually runs $50 to $75 per aid.

Patient Care Plan Manufacturer Warranty Loss and Damage
coverage time from original purchase 1 to 3 years 1 to 3 years 1 to 3 years
Cost for renewal $110 regular
$85 seniors 85 yrs+
Varies with manufacturer typically $100 to $150 per ear Varies with manufacturer typically $50 to $75 per ear
What does it cover? Cleaning and checking minor repairs in the office bte hook and tube changes annual hearing test Hearing aid repair that is done at the factory replacement of a lost or severely damaged aid