June 22, 2017
Man using ear plugs to protect his hearing

Life Is Loud, but Your Ears Don’t Have to Suffer

Let’s face it: life can be loud. We expose ourselves to loud noises on a daily basis, and frequently don’t even give it a second thought. […]
June 5, 2017
Brain's activity while processing sound

The Relationship Between Hearing Loss and Cognitive Decline

Going through the process of recognizing, testing and treating a hearing loss can be challenging, and often the best news is that there are treatment options […]
May 19, 2017

Impressive Features of Modern Hearing Aids

Technology has made so many grand advances in so many industries, and hearing aids are no exception. The older, more noticeable ear devices are near obsolete […]
May 3, 2017

Surprising and Unusual Ways that You Can Lose Your Hearing

When we think about someone who has experienced hearing loss, often times our first assumption is that the person is of an older age. If that’s […]